All About Joslyn

Joslyn Corvis mostly writes short stories, with a focus on true supernatural and YA supernatural/fantasy.  She is working on getting a series published entitled Forever Gothic, but on the side she continues to write short stories, articles, reviews, and of course, Golden Girls fan fiction.


Wanna know more? Visit her website.


2 Comments on “All About Joslyn”

  1. Annabelle says:

    Your GG fanfiction is interesting.I just read “The New Roomate” ? I don’t think you really capture the disdain for Rose’s St. Olaf stories, or for that matter, Rose’s innate ability to tell a St. Olaf story. Also, When Rose comes in with the brown grocery bag, is she just in a fluster because she knows there is going to be a new roomie, or is it that Rose over hears Blanche talking on the phone somehow? However, I was able to picture the four in the livingroom, interacting, chiding etc. Your ability to capture the imagery and tone of the story setting is surprisingly nicely done. ❤ Keep it up!
    P.S. I don't find you at all "gothic", I'm sure others won't either. That being said, follow your dreams, but don't let being a misfit lead you into thinking that you are something you are not. Truly gothic people don't need make-up and a cover series…

    • Always a pleasure to receive feedback! 🙂 To be honest, my GG Zombie fan-fic was better received because this story (The New Roommate) was more of a written version of an awesome fantasy of mine, and not meant to be construed as a biography, and the “Joslyn” character was exaggerated for the purpose of this story. By your interpretation on my gothnicity, I’m assuming you’re basing that judgment on this story alone and that you’re not one of my regular followers/readers. In that case, I would like to recommend that you read The Hunger which is one of my more popular stories with well over 500 downloads so I hope you enjoy it—Plus, The Hunger is free given it’s expansive availability around the Web. Pimped to Satan runs a close second, but before you read it, please get your parents’ permission as it does contain mature content.
      Also, if you’re interested, I have several social networking pages so look me up sometime 🙂

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