13 Questions! Interview with Jenocidal Doll

For quite some time, I have admired the style of the one and only Jenocidal Doll on Facebook (http://facebook.com/Jenocide13).  I love her flair and how she adds a splash of colour to her gothic style, although I don’t know if you can really pin a label on her…How do you pin a label on someone who is so eclectic, so unique?  She doesn’t really fit the mold when it comes to alternative fashion.  She breaks it.  She’s just herself and I think that’s what I admire about her most.  She’s an artist, a true artist, in a world where real and raw art is on the decline.  And you can tell that from her answers in this interview.


13 Questions! Interview with Jenocidal Doll 

Q: You have *AMAZING* fashion sense! I love how you have your own unique style. Who or what inspires you when you are thinking of the perfect outfit for a particular occasion?

A: thank you very much!! honestly i dont have too much inspiration just general. i have basic things i like and end up wearing them. most times if i have a goal it never comes out right. lol!

Q: Do you consider yourself to be dressing up, expressing yourself, or just being you? Maybe even a combination of all three, or maybe even something more?

A: i never considered either of those options really, its whatever i feel in that morning and what the weather allows. im not going to do full velvet in 90 degree heat. :p

Q: Whenever you have an “off-day”, where you don’t feel like getting dressed, let alone putting on makeup, what do you do?

A: depends on who is coming over or if i have to leave the house. I dont like people to see me “naked” and feel uncomfortable without my “mask”. i dont do full on make up to go grocery shopping but i probably wont take my sunglasses off. only a few people can see my face. for some reason that is very private, but if someone asked me to do a a tasteful nude photo shoot i would be butt naked.

Q: If you had to “tone down your look” so to speak, what would you wear? How would you do your makeup? And what would be absolutely non-negotiable?

A: I have a few times, clothes would usually be the same, maybe i have to cover my tattoos. long sleeves. less black in make up and pink lip gloss. must have, i would die without is a choker. i need a choker, like the face, i feel weird without something on my neck.

Q: Do you wear things that have meaning or symbolism behind them? Maybe something that takes you back to your childhood?

A:meaning and symbols? not sure anymore. i wear a coffin necklace that ive had since high school and im never without my bondange bracelet. i do have a necklace that i never take off. it has random charms: a key from my dad’s cigar box that had random Marine corps days trinkets, a dagger through a skull that my aunt gave to me, a pentagram that my friend gave to me in high school (which im considering retiring it), an anchor for my cousin and best friend (One is in the navy and the other is out), and a handcuff key that a friend gave to me. 

Q: Describe your style with five words.

A:….. Spooky causual with nerd flare?

Q: What are some interesting things others have said about your style?

A: dont remember too much, it’s a mix or positive and negative, mostly “i love your style!” or “Are you a devil worshipping whore and that’s why u look like that?” 

Q: NAME FIVE FASHION STAPLES YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT! (Either specific or generally speaking.)

A: …. i barely have one! LOL. I love tripp, they have good quality and fit well. other than that i dont look at brands, just clothes and price tags. 

Q: What is the best colour to compliment black?

A: Depends on my mood, all colors mix well i think, but my usual colors r blue, purple, pink, red, burgundy or neon green. 

Q: I like mixing goth with classic ‘80s looks, or sometimes a little 1920’s. And, being from Texas, I tend to mix in some Western gear, like cowboy hats and boots. What are some of your favourite styles to integrate?

A: I guess i like the throw in something nerdy if i can every once i a while. Something ironic or funny. i guess i like cyber because ive always kinda done a mix of spooky hard core goth and raver and cybers are just the bastard children of both. they will never admit it but they are…. they are. DANCE GRAVER DANCE!!!! 

Q: Do you have something that you are known for wearing? A trademark of sorts?

A: Bondange braclet

Q: What kinds of music do you like?

A: I like a lot of stuff. EBM. Industrial. Goth. 80s. Rock. Mostly dance stuff. Electronic. 

Q: How do you feel about the commercialisation of goth and vampires(i.e. Twilight)?

A: I want to kill every last one of those little twilight fans. I love vampires. If u want vampires go back to Interview or the true blood series. I loved vampires until twilight.