Basti, the Magick Cat (Forever Gothic sneak-peek)!

If you haven’t checked out the sample chapter of Forever Gothic: Witchery and Rivalry, you can check it out here:

And if you’re interested in learning how Marnie, one of the main characters, got her name, well here’s the story!

But for now, I’m going to focus on a complimentary character in the Forever Gothic series, which is currently unpublished.  This character is from the second book, Forever Gothic: Curse of the Diva Mummy!  His name is Basti, after Bast the cat-headed god of ancient Egypt.  You can click the thumbnail to get an up-close-and-personal view of what Basti may have looked like.  Or maybe you picture him fluffier.  Or chubbier.  But after I had written about Basti, I came across this cat statue and had to buy it!  And yep, I named him Basti. 

But before introducing him, I’d like to give a little background about where he came from.  In Forever Gothic: Curse of the Diva Mummy, Princess Ankhanahra, an ancient Egyptian mummy, comes back from the dead and is as beautiful as ever.  She was known for her jealousy and for her cruelty when she reigned as Princess.  And, much like the fashionable women in Hollywood who carry little chihauhuas in their purses, Ahnah (pronounced just as it looks, and don’t call her Anna!  She just might have something to say about that…) had a black cat named Basti whom she dressed in jewellery to match her own and who ruled beside her on her throne in ancient times.  In fact, Basti probably had his own little thrown to sit on.

Now fast-forward to modern times.  Lo and behold, some idiot awakens the mummy at the museum.  Marnie loves to wear lots of black eyeliner, much like Ahnah who still dresses like it’s 3000 BC, which makes Ahnah see Marnie as a rival to her beauty.  When Ahnah is not busy hanging out with the popular crowd or admiring herself in her new cheerleading uniform, she has but one goal: Destroy Marnie so that she will be the most beautiful girl in Morning View High.

And when Ahnah is awakened, Basti comes to life, too.  Now, not to give a spoiler, but we know that if there are going to be other Forever Gothic books, it’s safe to assume that this one probably has a happy ending (with lots of suspense in between)!  And Rhonda Drake, Marnie’s friend, ends up taking Basti in when all is said and done; after all, witches need a familiar, so why not adopt Basti to help her along in her magick?  After all, black cats are said to be good for that sort of thing.  (For those that aren’t *familiar* with the term “familiar”, a familiar is an animal that acts as a sort of assistant to a witch and can sometimes shapeshift into other animals, or possesses magickal powers.)

But Basti is no ordinary cat, which you may have guessed already.  After seeing some of the horrific things that the Princess is capable of and being forced to stay by her side and wear that ridiculous jewellery and used as a fashion accessory, he may have just had enough.  Not to mention the fact that he has been living in some sort of spiritual Afterlife before being brought back to modern times in his physical body, so he has a knowledge that is thousands of years old.  He’s a very wise soul, and people who meet him are always taken aback at how he seems to know what they’re saying.  And sometimes, it even looks as if his eyes are twinkling with understanding, or that he is actually smiling contentedly to himself.

Basti wasn’t with Marnie, Willis, and Rhonda from the beginning of book one (Forever Gothic: Witchery and Rivalry), but I think he makes a nice little compliment to the stories.  This cat doesn’t just catch mice; he helps the kids keep the streets monster-free!

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