Interview with Ghostriders Paranormal (from June 2011) . . . by Joslyn Corvis

UPDATE! October 2011:
I am saddened beyond words to report the passing of Vexie of Ghostriders Paranormal.  As a fan of the show and of Vexie’s, I wanted to express my anguish.  She was amazing as you can tell from watching the Ghostriders, and from reading this interview.  It’s no small wonder why she was my favourite paranormal investigator.
God Bless V
exie and to all of those whose lives she touched.

With deepest sympathy,


I was *beside* myself with excitement to get an interview with the HOT NEW GHOST INVESTIGATORS, Bad Max and Vexie, stars of Ghostriders Paranormal, the new series airing here    ( )!  If you click now, you can view the trailer!

It’s premiering on June 4th, 2011, at 8pm EST (That’s right!  This Saturday night!  So mark your calendars and stock up on snacks!)  You can also check out their website, , and don’t forget to “LIKE” them on facebook!!/GhostridersTV?sk=info Here is the interview I did with Ghostriders Paranormal, and their personalities just shine right through!  They answered my questions, and thensome!  I just can’t wait to see what Bad Max and Vexie have in store for their viewers!

 1.)    How did you two meet?

[Bad Max] I was playing in a rock band in Atlanta, GA; we met at a club I was playing at called the Dog House, (appropriate as I have been in the Dog House ever since!)

[Vexie] Yeah, and you thought I was much younger than I was…(Giggling) He’s been “Bad” Max ever since I met him. (Slugs Bad Max on the arm)

2.)     What inspired the idea for the show?  How did you get the ball rolling?

[Bad Max] We have been Ghost Hunting ever since it wasn’t cool.  We love to do it and with technology today we felt we could offer a web only option for Paranormal fans around the world, especially fans in countries that don’t have access to these kinds of shows on their local TV stations and for people right here that don’t have cable.

[Vexie] I enjoy using the camera and I have an eye for what needs to be told.

[Bad Max] *interrupts…* You don’t look bad in front of the camera, either.

[Bad Max] We got the ball rolling by spending some money on equipment, computers and editing software, then it was just a matter of using the social networks available to build our fan base. And it’s still growing.

3.)     What’s the secret to working together as a team?

[Bad Max] We have known each other for more than a decade and we really enjoy the hunt. If you love what you do it’s easy.

[Vexie] Agreed, it is a lot of fun and I have learned so much about the Paranormal and the afterlife, and let’s not forget you have to believe. We both are firm believers on a spiritual and scientific level.

4.)     I love the graphics and I love the narrator’s voice.  How many people are involved behind the scenes of Ghostriders Paranormal?

[Bad Max] Thank you, you will be surprised to learn that there are two people always involved in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes. I used to be a Wedding DJ.

[Vexie] (Jumps in)…Can you believe that? Big ole Bad Max a wedding DJ! (Laughs Hysterically.)

[Bad Max] As I was saying, I used to be a Wedding DJ as well as being a pitchman on QVC on Television. Through this experience I’m able to change and adapt my voice for different situations, like Seth McFarland does on Family Guy, for example. I am the narrator for our shows. I also do all of the editing for the shows and I built the website.

[Vexie] Show off…*smiles*

5.)     Paranormal investigators all seem to have different reasons for doing what they do.  Maybe they want proof for themselves or to reveal to the world, or to communicate with ghosts or help them to move on.  What are your reasons?

[Bad Max] I personally have different reasons than most; I guess you could call me an adrenaline junkie. Some people skydive, some people bungie jump, some people race cars or snowboadr to get that rush. I Ghost Hunt, same thing really. There is also the desire to help people and I have found that if you really want to help someone with a Ghost Problem, understanding the paranormal is a good place to start.

[Vexie] We can also kick its ass!

[Bad Max] She means clear the house or place of business if needed.

6.)     Do you feel that ghosts are supernatural, or do you think their explanation lies in unstudied science?

[Bad Max] It’s definitely a combination of both, anything that is not natural must be sueprnatural and if you’re at all spiritual, then you believe in some form of life after death. On the science side, we can quote Albert Einstein: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” That’s the best scientific nutshell explanation for the afterlife. Since everything on earth is made from energy at its very core, then it doesn’t simply just disappear, it has to change its form.

[Vexie] Yeah, I believe him ’cause I’ve seen it; when you hear your first disembodied voice or see your first apparation it tends to make a believer out of you.

7.)     I’m sure you deal with a lot of skeptics in your line of work (and of course, some closet Believers as well).  How do your friends and family respond to your line of work?

[Bad Max] Let’s face it, you have to have some balls to do what we do. My brother thinks it’s cool but he’s too chicken to go out with us on a hunt.

[Vexie] My family things it’s intriguing, no problems there.

[Bad Max] Even though our friends say they want to come, something always comes up. I believe they’re chicken too.

8.)     I’ve gone to the website ( ) and watched the trailer ( ) for Ghostriders Paranormal, and it looks *AWESOME*! I know why I can’t wait to see it (click here to watch: ), but what do you think makes Ghostriders Paranormal stand out among the sea of paranormal programs out there?  What makes you unique?

[Bad Max] Do you really want a spoiler? Let’s say we allow our audience to be the investigator, that’s all I am going to say about that.

[Vexie] (Devilish smile on her face…) That’s all we’re going to say about that.

9.) Ever come across anything malicious?  What would/did you do in that situation?

[Bad Max] You run the risk of that at every hunt. I am formerly trained in several clearing techniques: American Indian smudging, Tibetan clearing bells, and I am an ordained minister so I can bless a house as well.

[Vexie] What we don’t mess with is Demonic entitites; we are not demonologists, we get a friend to deal with that.

10.)     Was there something unexplainable that happened to you to make you take an interest in ghosts, or maybe some experience that you’ve had that stands out in your mind?

[Bad Max] I have always been intrigued by the afterlife. I think if I were to put a finger on it, when my mom died, I was cleaning her house, getting ready for it to be sold, I was by myself in her bedroom and asked her to give me a sign that she was ok, I can’t explain what happened next, I felt her warm hand on my back, it sent chills up my spine, I knew then that I wanted to get to the bottom of the spiritual world.

[Vexie] We all know that what happens after you die is the big question; I want that question answered. And I believe we can make that answer known to the people in the world that don’t understand it.

Thanks, Bad Max and Vexie, for your time, and I’m looking forward to seeing the show! 

Don’t forget it airs on June 4th, 8pm EST right here: ! Visit the Website here: 

and “LIKE” them on Facebook to keep track of all the ghostly fun!!/GhostridersTV?sk=info 

~Until we meet again, “Don’t Stop Believin’!~




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