Into the Darkness (short story) by Joslyn Corvis

It was a Sunday evening.  Jessie walked home from her best friend’s house, just as she did every Sunday.  It was still early, but as the seasons had changed, the sky grew dark earlier than it had over the summer.  She knew she shouldn’t have brought her backpack, but it was full of fun stuff that she and Abigail liked to do.  Arts, crafts, odds and ends.  Next time she would take a few things out so she wouldn’t have to lug all that extra weight around.

All of a sudden, Jessie heard something behind her.  She turned to look, but nothing was there.  She shrugged her shoulders and went along on her merry way.  But then, she heard it again.  This time she stopped, and started walking slowly.  The sound slowed to her own pace.  She kept walking, hoping to get home soon.  And then she came to a lamplight and curiosity overtook her.

She turned cautiously, squinting her eyes to see in the distance.  Nothing there.  And when she looked down, all that she saw was her own shadow which startled her at first.  Weird, she thought.  It looked really tall.  Then she laughed at her silliness when she realised that the noise was coming from the mass of keychains dangling on her backpack.  So, she continued to walk.

When Jessie came to the next street lamp, she felt something, maybe a rock, in her shoe.  She caught a glimpse of her shadow, which looked bigger than before.  The light can play funny tricks with shadows sometimes, she thoughtAs she knelt down with the weight of the backpack upon her, struggling to take off the shoe, she wasn’t paying attention to the shadow which had grown even more in size.

Suddenly, it peeled off the pavement in the shape of a huge person, red-yellow glowing eyes fixed upon her.  She wasn’t paying much attention to it as it rose up and swallowed her, because she knew that the light can play funny tricks with shadows.  The shadow-thing flattened back out on the sidewalk and merged into the other evening shadows, which Jessie was now a part of.

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