I don’t normally go by “how much” to add to my recipes.  I just wing it.  So add everything to taste, and it should turn out just FINE!  This is one of my *LEAST* healthy smoothies lol.

What You’ll Need:

Blender or Smoothie Maker
Pumpkin Pie Spice (optional)
Ginger (easy on the ginger…it’s STRONG!)
Pumpkin Pie Filling
Vanilla Almond Milk (Sweetened or Unsweetened)
Sugar (I normally don’t add sugar to my smoothies, but this recipe may necessitate it)
Graham Crackers
Whipped Cream

First, ya add the pumpkin pie filling and almond milk, adding it bit-by-bit and putting a few dashes of the spices in between (but HOLD THE SUGAR)!!!

Blend it until it is the desired consistency.

Then taste it.  Add more pumpkin filling to thicken it, or almond milk to make it thinner (or to even the flavour if you’ve added too much spice).

If it isn’t sweet enough, add a little sugar.  Keep adding it little by little until it tastes DELICIOUS!

Put a little in a glass, crumble graham crackers on it (and a smidge of whipped cream), then top with more smoothie (and add as many layers of grahams and whipped cream as you like).  When you’re done layering, TOP WITH WHIPPED CREAM, GRAHAM CRACKER CRUMBLES, AND A DASH OF CINNAMON!

It’s an awesome Autumn treat, even though I’m posting it as we near the Christmas season.  Even so, it is still quite delightful!


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