Christmas Shopping on a DIME!

Well, yesterday I went shop-hoppin’ to find my beloved Golden Girls on DVD.  They were nowhere to be found, so I was feeling a little disheartened.  I was so depressed!  But, if I may elaborate for a moment, there are so many shows featuring strong women.  The “Girls” will never be replicated, not even in the form of Hot In Cleveland.  But we have Designing Women.  Living Single (which I caught for the first time in forever and found it to have that same lustre as my Girls).  There’s Mary Tyler Moore and The Parkers.  And although my mother is a fan of the cleaned-up-for-TV version of Sex And The City, I could never get into it but see its appeal.  But, for me, The Golden Girls was just classic programming at its finest, and will never lose its magick.  I talked to one woman with a daughter in her twenties who loved them, but the mother was more into reality TV.  Even though I’m hardcore, it never ceases to amaze me of this youthful generation of GG fans buffs!

Today I had a throwback to my youth as we searched for gifts.  I came across an S Club DVD!  I adored them when I was younger, and was ecstatic to find it!  And for ONE DOLLAR! 😀 Somehow, not finding my Golden Girls sank into the back of my mind as my elation over S Club consumed me!

Now…on to the Christmas gifts!  I can stretch a penny like no one would believe!  I once got a cute little stapless one-piece from Kohl’s for .87 cents!  It’s my prize sale item, because it was like, $36 dollars, marked down at $10, and I was so excited because I had a $10 Kohl’s gift card from the mail.  All I paid was tax.  Anyway, here are some of the things I got.

For my mother, a pair of Christmas socks.  They’re super soft!  I almost got a two-pack, but didn’t like the style as much and they weren’t very soft, either.  I think I can get something better.  I’m planning to get her a gown and some fuzzy socks, too.

My dad, well, he’s harder to buy for.  I got him a screwdriver, and the handle opens up and has all of the attachments inside.  Not top-quality, but it’ll be handy for small jobs.  One year I got him some cheap, tiny screwdrivers and he loved ’em!  I also got this thing that attaches to your computer chair, but maybe he can also use it in his regular chair as well.  It’s supposed to help your back.  If they work well, I might buy one for myself!  And best of all, we got a custom mug, just for him!  He adores my little parrot, and a couple years ago I took photos of her in a Christmas scene.  I save Coke points and people give them to me because they don’t use them, and I was able to get a free mug on with the points.  I only had shipping costs.  We played around with different pictures, putting a heart frame around it and trying it full-size, but we set on an oval-ish shape.  It said the picture may not turn out right because of its quality or something, but I got it today and it looks great!  And on the back of the mug, it says “Merry Christmas Grandpa! 2011”.  I think he’s going to love that gift best.  I was even able to put a special custom message on the package to my dad, free of charge!

And for the munchkins in my family.  However, I will refrain from posting so their nosy little eyes won’t come a-wassailing across this page.  I have a little extra time since I won’t be seeing them on Christmas.  For now, I only bought one of them gifts but plan to add more.  The little one can’t read yet, so I’m thinking about a little bear with clothes, or a baby doll with a bottle.  And maybe after Christmas, I’ll be tempted to add more when I see the clearance prices!  Maybe I could save some back for birthdays.  They’ve got me all in a tizzy!  I just hate to lay money down when I know I may find something better!

So, I shall keep my eyes peeled for any gifts I may come across.  I just want to find the *PERFECT* thing for everyone!

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