Forever Gothic: Making It Happen

Until I make the BIG TIME and my books are on the NY Times Bestseller List, I’m working on other things. I do see the possibility of my books being bestsellers as a very tangible possibility, as long as I fulfill my end of the bargain and put in a lot of time and effort to get there. And man, is it a lot of work. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, but I enjoy it. Every time an agent agrees to even give my work a look, I reel with joy! I know there may be a rejection, but it’s all about the thrill no matter what the response. But, if my Forever Gothic series ever becomes available to the public whether I decide upon Kindle or a traditional publisher (or whatever chooses me, with the changes in industry), then I’ll be happy. From then on, I could focus on writing and promoting and maybe even travelling in order to get the books out there. I live for this little dream of mine, hoping that one day it will take me somewhere. I’m not out any money. Only time. And even then, I’m pretty dedicated because it is such a huge passion in my life. If I’m not writing or sending out query letters, I’m thinking of things to write about or networking with other writers and people in the industry. When people give me criticism, good or bad, I value it all the same because it helps me sharpen my skills. Most everything I do is in the hopes of not only creating a future for myself as a writer, but to learn as much as I can about the entire industry. And there’s still a lot to learn, especially with so many changes in the market.

The problem is, people see writing as a pipe dream. I understand that I may never make it big. That’s fine, because it’s all for the love of the game, so to speak. I understand that some writers don’t make a lot, while others hit the jackpot. I’d hope to be lucky enough that every tween and teen will have a copy of the latest Forever Gothic book in his or her backpack. But my first priority is to get published and then move on to marketing. It’s a “one-step-at-a-time” type of thing.

And I’ve met some groovy people through my writing! I just hope they don’t mind me calling them “groovy”. But the thing is, it takes a lot of work before you see that first dollar from the project you are proudest of and which took the most time with. Sure, it doesn’t pay while you’re getting to where you’re going. But neither does being a parent or taking care of an animal. Does that make it any less of a job? Any less rewarding? Does it mean that it’s something you don’t have to do, because there’s no money involved? No, no, and no. The reward is the love and enjoyment you get out of it, even when things are rough. It’s something you stick with, through thick and thin.

And, now that I think about it, it may take me eighteen years to see this book thing through so that it may flourish on its own. It’s not something I’m giving up on because “It’s too hard” or “I’m not getting paid…yet”. I’m not giving up on myself or my work, and when I have doubts, I tell myself I’ll get there. It may not be a bestseller, but I keep that secret from myself. I tell myself it will. Because what is life without a dream? Boring, that’s what! So, if you have a dream, you may as well make it a big one!

So, for anyone out there who has a dream, stick with it! Don’t give up! And if you’re hesitant to try because you’re afraid of falling, just pick yourself up again. And again and again, if you have to. You can fill your mind with doubt if you keep saying, “What if I don’t make it?” Instead, turn it around. “What happens when I make it?” and believe that you will with all your heart.

Sure, there are times when I tell myself I may fail, and to epic proportions! It’s times like that when I just think, well, it was fun trying, but I’m not giving up!

And neither should you.


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