My Published E-Book!

I am proud to say that I published an e-book. (Find it here: )

I had a billion ideas for the cover art, but note the 1960’s/70’s style of the “cover”. Is it still considered a cover if it’s an e-book? I would assume so. Well, I had some neat pictures I could have used, but it would have given away too much of the storyline.

Let me just say that this piece could have been put in a way better format. I included an author bio and a thank you note to my readers, but I really didn’t know what to say, so I ended up sounding a bit stumped. But, like an impetuous youth who is excited to show off an incomplete drawing, I posted it. Shoulda waited and formatted it with page numbers, but because there were so many different formats which seemed to be distorted from the original, I didn’t quite know how to do it. I just wanted to focus on putting the story out, so any feedback someone may have is more than appreciated, for better or worse! 😀

(UPDATE! I just uploaded a new version of the author bio and thank you note, but before I got around to it I sold two copies. I wish I had done that sooner).