The Gnome Guide

Gnomes are magickal creatures. They are often considered to be outdoorsy, but it’s perfectly fine to keep them indoors. Their lifespan is longer in homes without children and pets.

It is important to remember that your gnome should not be held hostage for your decorating or magickal needs. You must treat them with respect as not mere guests, but members of the family. They are creatures of free will, and if they so choose to leave, they will do so, often sending postcards and pictures from faraway lands such as Hawaii or Texas (depending upon where you live). Some gnomes get the travel-bug out of their systems by taking road trips, often with college students, only to return with their need to roam sated. However, if they are unhappy, they may up and leave, never to be seen or heard from again.

It’s bad luck to break a gnome, or to treat them will ill intentions. I’ve heard a true story in which a little girl stepped on a giant snail. In that part of the continent, such critters are thought to be pets of the wee folk. She was stricken with an unidentifiable illness that baffled her family and doctors, and only when she sought treatment from a witch doctor with a tea leaf reading (where a snail was revealed in the tea leaves) were they sure that it was revenge of the wee folk.

Putting a gnome in a garden, windowsill, or any spot that makes you aware of their energy will help to shift negative energy casting itself over the home and can also provide protection. Again, you must treat them properly if you expect them to help you.

So if you adopt a gnome, be reminded they are people too. Only smaller. And they really don’t talk much so they’re good at keeping secrets.

And if you hear the pitter-patter of little feet or find things missing (especially shiny or unusual things), don’t be alarmed. They might just be up and about getting a snack, blessing your houseplants, or searching for baubles, trinkets, and gewgaws to hoard in a secret hiding place. (NOTE: Check the couch cushions! It seems they like to hide coins in there!)

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