Demons and Other Inconveniences by Dan Dillard (The best in horror!)

As soon as my signed copy of Demons And Other Inconveniences by Dan Dillard came in the mail, I got started on reading right away!

The nightmarish vibe of this book was a welcome vacation in my mundane life. There were a few stories in the book that scared me so bad, I missed a few details at the end. I had to read over the last few paragraphs,  and they were no less frightful the second time around. There were some stories that kept me guessing and gave me a chill right as my eyes were tracing over the very last line, and some had my pulse racing with suspense as if I was smack-dab in the book myself! Demons and Other Inconveniences also contains the best vampire story I’ve ever read. Ever.

I usually read it during the day (which was merely circumstantial and had nothing at all to do with being so terrified by the stories lol). I’d get so lost in the words that the world around me just melted away. The style of writing delves into the deepest of human fears. Fears I never even knew I had! On the second night after reading the last story in the book, I closed my eyes to drift off to sleep only to snap them open as I found myself searching the darkness to make sure I was safe. Then I shut my eyes tight, feeling more security in not knowing. And suddenly, the other stories in the book flooded my mind and I didn’t dare turn and look out my bedroom window. I knew pulling the cover over my head couldn’t even save me.

That’s just how incomparably good this book is. It penetrates your logic in the dead of night, making you wonder just who or what is really out there. If it weren’t for my parrot who shares my room with me, I have no doubt that the lights would be on at night!

There were times when the suspense was really high, keeping me on edge and making me squirm in anticipation of something jumping out at me, only for the tension to be temporarily broken by some laugh-out-loud line. That’s one thing I love about this author is how he brings you to a certain point in the book, only to hit you with something completely unexpected, whether it’s a little irony, some good old-fashioned gore, or even something downright hilarious! I couldn’t even guess at where the stories were going, and everything was so original which made it completely unpredictable. It was refreshing to find something new that actually terrified me on a whole new level, and I’ve watched and read a lot of horror!

It was highly enjoyable (and highly terrifying), and I can’t wait to read it all over again! If you’ve only read the sample stories from Demons and Other Inconveniences, they don’t even begin to claw at the surface of this amazing book! While the sample stories are great, I don’t think anyone should miss out on this wonderfully macabre book as a whole that you can continue to enjoy.

(Sidenote: I also got Dan Dillard’s What Tangled Webs. I’ll be reading that one soon!)

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