Monster Cops – Top Secret!

Top Secret Interview!!!

I was doing some online research about real life monsters. I’ve always wanted to believe, but after finding this footage, there is no doubt in my mind that there are things out there that are better left alone.

The footage I have found was never meant to be released to the public. but I was granted an interview with Cutter (pictured below), which I will keep heavily guarded for my own research as a writer of the paranormal.

Agent Cutter
Photo Courtesy of Monster Cops (C) All Rights Reserved

1.) I’m sure it’s important to have a sense of camaraderie in your line of work. Is it pure luck that you all mesh so well, or was compatibility taken into consideration when you were hired on the team?

[Cutter]  It would have to be pure luck. There is no personality profile in the interview process at least not in regards to social interaction with the other officers. There is in that we want to make sure new recruits aren’t psycho of course, but Command could care less if we get along socially. In the future you may find that not all of us are actually getting along.

2.) What are some important character traits a member of Shadow Company should have in order to handle the pressure of the job?

[Cutter]  A sense of humor is mandatory. At least that’s what we require in our particular unit. Shadow Company has hundreds of units stationed all over the world, so we probably do things a little differently than those other teams. But having a sense of humor is imperative here. We find that if you can’t joke about the job then the job consumes you. There is a good amount of evil and darkness that we witness, and we need to combat that with laughter. While still doing the job of course.

3.) There are times when we’ve all seen or heard something we can’t explain. Are there divisions of Shadow Company in charge of analyzing whether or not something may be a threat so that the appropriate plan of action can be carried out?

[Cutter]  Absolutely, we’re all pretty much a mix of soldier and investigator, it’s how we’re trained, but we do have Agents in charge of specific investigation, assesment, and analysis. They gather as much intel as possible to help us decide what is a threat or a hoax. Much of our paranormal division assits us in that way as well. We have over 100 psychics working in our building alone. But much of that intel needs to be scrutinized. It’s hit or miss alot of the times, especially with psychics like Greenly. She’s really talented, but she needs to work on her interpretation.

4.) If Shadow Companies didn’t exist, would humans stand a fighting chance, or would we all be zombie chow?

[Cutter]  No, the world would’ve been overrun decades ago. In the movies the Zombie Apocalypse happens all at once. In the real world, from a scientific stand point, it takes time for zombies to develop, rise, gather and attack as a group. Same goes for any other group of monsters. Vampire Coven’s and Nests have had organizations and networks for years, but like any organization or terrorist cell it takes time and planning to take over the world or slaughter thousands. We do a good job of making sure those plans fall apart. We’re constantly taking out zombies and other creatures a few at a time, to keep the planet safe.

5.) How important is it for the various divisions of Monster Cops to remain in the shadows?

[Cutter]  It’s probably the most important thing. We work hard to stay a secret, so the Monster threat stays a secret. Otherwise there would be panic, and that is never a good thing. We call it “The Veil”. As long as “The Veil” is up then we’re all good. If it ever comes down, it’ll be an interesting day.

6.) Having first-hand experience with monsters, do you find them terrifying, or simply more of a nuisance like a rodent infestation?

Photo Courtesy of Monster Cops (C) All Rights Reserved

[Cutter]  Both. Zombies, Low Level Vamps and Lycans, they’re very much a nuisance. Chupacabras and Gremlins are REALLY annoying. But every once in a while you will encounter something formidable, something scary. A Master Vampire you have to take seriously. You can’t just go in an take their heads off, they can be a real threat. Stone Golem’s, Gargoyles, Banshees, those can all be very scary. But we’re trained to handle the fear and do the job.

7.) My last question made me think of a clip where Agent Bateman relayed an experience he had. How would I know if the possum living in my neighborhood is possessed like those chipmunks Agent Bateman talked about?

[Cutter]  First of all I wouldn’t totally trust everything Bateman says. He says “possessed chipmunks” I think the rest of us would say they had rabies. He likes to exaggerate. So I wouldn’t worry too much about any local rodents or creatures being possessed. Although I do remember that call. Bateman was naked. We still don’t know why.

8.) Do you find it irksome when someone who isn’t a Monster Cop complains to you about how rough they have it at work?

[Cutter]  This is a topic that comes up every so often. I think I’ve learned to smile about it though. I come to realize that I’m glad this person is alive to complain about work. Means we’re doing our job.

9.) Since you have no doubt seen some unnatural and horrific things on the job (zombies, vampires, succubi, and “possessed” chipmunks), has it marred your perception of the world?

[Cutter]  Depression is something I’ve already dealt with in the past. This job can get to you. In the beginning it was hard not to be down about the state of the world. But as long as The Veil stayed up, and the rest of the world could continue to watch the sun rise each day, I’m fine. My wife helped me understand that.

10.) Most people don’t like to think about their job when they get home, so part one of the question is, Do you like horror movies? The second part is, When you watch a horror flick do you find yourself saying, “Oh, that could never happen!” or criticizing the actors over their methods of monster-removal?

[Cutter]  I think I stopped watching movies about 20 years ago. My top five favs are all from the 70’s and 80’s. I just haven’t had time. I prefer westerns, I’m a huge Clint Eastwood fan. For A Few Dollars More is great. Rio Bravo is another one I like. I think Horror is a genre most of us avoid, as we seem to be living in a horror movie. Some of the guys in “The Basement” they really love that stuff. They’re usually down there watching horror movies. There was one thing they were watching. I guess it’s a TV Show. I think it’s called The Walking Dead. I catch some of it every once in a while when I head down there. Realistic for the most part, but I have to say it’s not that easy to kill a zombie with a shovel or a knife. It honestly depends on the type of zombie, but I’m seeing people take a swing or a stab and they get easy shots into the brain. Nope, not that easy. Also, it’s completely unwise to do any close up kills with zombies. I understand it’s almost unavoidable if you’re surrounded especially during a zombie apocalypse, but in the real world you learn not to put yourself in that position. A distance kill is always preferred. Even if you do get close, you use your side arm. Bullets are preferred. If you’re trying to stay silent, then a crosss bow is perfect, I think I saw one of the characters with one in the show, it’s a great idea. Bottom line is you are dealing with toxic creatures, you want to keep as much of them off of you as possible. We never want to risk coming in contact with infected blood or flesh from a creature. We’ve seen too many people turn just because they got a little blood on their skin.

11.) How do you unwind after a really tough day? (And I’m sure there are lots of them.)

[Cutter]  Food. It’s always food. The meds that we take don’t help, they tend to make you hungrier, but a good meal and lots of sitting always work. And a shower. Hot shower.

12.) What do you love about being part of Shadow Company?

[Cutter]  Working for this agency is the first and only time I’ve ever felt like I’ve made a difference. It’s quite fulfilling.

13.) This is my final question, and I’m dying to know! Will you ever reveal the secret to that cookie recipe?

[Cutter]  No. 🙂

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