So…if anyone is wondering what’s been up with me, anyone at all…*crickets chirping*…here’s a quick brief.


Working on my story Pimped to Satan. Hoping to get marketing underway because I expect it to be out within the first 2-3 months of 2013. I doubt any sooner, I don’t want the release to be shuffled in with the holidays. I definitely need some feedback and I would like to know if there are any writers (or anyone in the genre at all) who might be interested in giving it a short blurb for the actual publication of the piece.

I am also going to be adding more words to my YA novel, Forever Gothic. It seems most agencies won’t even look at it unless it has over 50,000 words! It’ll be a breeze once I get started on that but I’m trying to take things piece-by-piece so I can give everything 100% of my attention.

Lastly, I am working on another series of short stories. Don’t know when that one will be published. Actually I’m working on two short story compilations, but one is (hopefully) going to be way better.

Oh! And I also found out that the Anxiety Disorders book that my story…Well, let me repost from Facebook:
“A huge thanks from myself, Charles Day, and the rest of my editorial staff and contributing authors, for the continued success of our Anxiety Disorders Collection, which remains in the top ten paid sales for ebooks in Psychiatry! This is amazing.
Please spread the word about this inspiring book that’s touching the lives of so many. Know someone who would be inspired by these essays of hope, well then, let them know. Also makes a meaningful holiday gift. Thank you!
Edited by Suzanne Robb. Contrib authors Joslyn Corvis, Sean Thompson, Joe Filippone, Deb Johnson, Kim Curley, Vincent Daemon, Jody Johnson, Steven Belanger, Terri Elders. Cover and format by Henry Snider. Executive Editor Hollie Ann Snider.”


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