Nugent vs. Manson

Whenever I go out, I pretty much look like a cross between David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, maybe a Spice Girl or two, and a faery thrown into the mix somehow, and that’s in a single outfit. I dated a guy and David Bowie came up. I mentioned that what I liked about him was he dared to be different, while my beau said that’s exactly what he didn’t like him. How could someone dislike another for being themselves? At least they’re brave enough. Plus, he was dating me!

Now let’s flash back to a Ted Nugent concert I attended with him. I knew that Ted had a tendency to say things that bug me, but I thought he would be different. Nope. He was offensive and sheperded his sheep to cheer at his stupidity (while a few people boo’ed him and flipped him the bird). I felt really out of place because I could tell that people weren’t really listening to what he was saying, but only cheering because he was talking about  Ted-only-knows-what. It was so strange because I didn’t fit in and felt some of the comments were geared directly toward me. Talk about an interactive concert! Unless I missed the memo, I thought concerts were supposed to be fun, not make you feel horrible about yourself. Plus I’m not used to a bunch of mindless animals that are so easily swayed and will cheer over such supreme stupidity, and I’m especially not used to people who cheer about hate, exclusion and violence.

Then there is Marilyn Manson who was given the title of Minister at the Church of Satan. He laughs it off, saying it was just something that was kind of said and completely blown out of proportion. I think he’s more Agnostic or Atheist, but he’s such a complex character and it’s part of his allure. He’s an intelligent person as I’ve listened closely to the things he has said to see what he is about, and most times, if not all, he makes perfect sense. When I listen to the Nuge I’m usually left confused, or more often angry. When someone asks Manson about the messages he’s sending to kids, he says he sings about things but has never told anyone to do anything. He tells people to be themselves, think for themselves, don’t be “Mechanical Animals.” Which is basically the same thing my mom has always taught me. So Manson is pretty much telling us what our parents have said at one point or another: Stay true to who you are and don’t be a follower.

So let’s chalk it up here.

Marilyn Manson does not sacrifice animals. Sorry to disappoint.

Ted Nugent not only hunts, but enjoys talking about how he is going to kill things, or has killed things. And how he’d like to kill people. I’m not anti-hunting by any means, but I think there needs to be a certain respect paid to a life that is being taken in order to sustain life. Which is, well, sacrificial by definition.

It’s hard to say exactly who Marilyn Manson really is, because a lot of what he does is for the stage.

We all know what Ted Nugent is about because he reveals so much about himself and it doesn’t seem to be an act.

It’s difficult to tell where Manson as a man begins and the stage persona begins, unless you listen to the things he says.

It’s difficult to tell where Nugent as a man begins and the gun ends if you hear him talk.

Marilyn Manson comes off as being quiet and thoughtful, particularly when answering a question. He never gets angry when confronted but has a cool demeanor when he is being interviewed, even if it appears he’s being “confronted” rather than “interviewed.”

Ted Nugent fires off at the mouth like an AK47. Possibly while holding his AK47 and threatening the President.

Marilyn Manson has never said anything that I could possibly perceive as “radical,” but he stands behind what he says and if people really listen, he doesn’t have to defend himself because what he says makes sense. Scratch that—He has to defend himself because a lot of people don’t get what he’s puttin’ down because they aren’t listening since they already have a preconceived notion brewing in their mind of who he is.

Ted Nugent shares and defends his radical rants publicly but dismisses it as mere “talk” when Secret Service agents get involved.

If Marilyn Manson were to say something that could be construed as crazy, the first thing we as MM fans would ask is, “Is he feeling okay?”

When Ted says something totally nuts, he is met with support from his fans, even if they don’t have the first clue as to what he’s saying.

I’m not sure who Marilyn voted for in the election, or if he voted at all.

I’m pretty sure I know who Ted Nugent voted for in the election.

Marilyn Manson seems to date people in his own age range, or at least of consentual age.

Ted Nugent adopted his underage girlfriend because her parents wouldn’t let her marry him. Wow, where’s Child Protective Servies when you need ’em? I’d think there would be a law against dating your underage adopted child. Especially when the kid is taking on a wife-like role and playing mom to her step-kids while the legal guardian is cheating on her. Wait, is it cheating if you adopted the kid? Because then wouldn’t that be…? Nevermind, the whole situation is too messed up to warrant a straight answer other than the guardian needs to be thrown in jail. However, he’s been linked to several underage girls including Courtney Love when she was twelve, which would have put him somewhere in his late twenties. Gives a whole ‘nother meaning to “Uncle Ted,” and it creeps me out when people refer to him by that name.

Mansonites (Manson fans) want to find a place where they feel accepted for who they are and it’s nice to have a spokesperson who doesn’t preach hate or killing, but leads a rebellion based upon the right to be yourself. If people would actually listen to his music instead of judging him on his looks or upon rumours, they may quickly find that out. MM fans do not fit a certain demographic and he’s welcoming of his fans, no matter who they are. Heck, my mom likes Marilyn! She’s this happy, beamy kind of person, and she’s just a year away from being ancient! (Sorry if you read this, Mom; just illustrating a point!) She liked the Eminem video featuring Manson, and the clip of them together on stage at a concert.

Nugent leads a rebellion upon the ideal of doing whatever necessary to hold onto your rights, even if that means making the theoretical violence a reality upon the notion that someone might be infringing upon your rights. Fans don’t necessarily have to fit a certain demographic, but if they are outside of that little box, then they’re likely to be highly offended on a personal level. I know I felt unwelcome at his concert! Honestly I didn’t want to be there in the first place.

Marilyn Manson somehow got this title as a Minister in the Church of Satan.

Ted Nugent has claimed to be a Christian.

That’s all I can really say without reiteration of my key points. Marilyn has never talked about killing people, but Ted fans talk about how Manson is responsible for corrupting and brainwashing our nation’s youth; things brings me to the question of what we can do about people who are corrupting and brainwashing the nation’s elderly?

So, if the goal were to have a level-headed chat, I’m pretty sure that MM would win because Nugent goes off the chain and talks louder, because everyone knows if you talk louder it makes your nonsense sound true. Nugent has also been seen blowing up at people because things didn’t go his way. Plus, as the saying goes, it’s unfair to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man so Manson would have the upper hand in that arena.

The Nuge acts as if he’s some kind of advocate for women, but what about for young women who have yet to hit legal adulthood? During my unfortunate presence at his concert, he was talking about some of the women in the audience and how their dancing was…*cringe*…turning him on. The Double-M has never been accused of being with underage girls and sexually exploits both sexes equally, and those he exploits are consenting adults.

All in all, I think it’s pretty sad that someone who says he is Christian can be so full of rage and desire to kill anything that moves so he can brag about it later with graphic details, while the one who is labeled a Minister of the Church of Satan has never talked about killing things in a romanticised fashion. Even sadder, when I was at the Nugent concert feeling as if his comments of hate were somewhat directed toward me, his gaggle of minions were cheering him on as he spewed his hate-fueled nonsense.

While I don’t doubt Nugent’s skills as a musician and actually like a few of his songs (although some make me feel dumber for having listened given the juvenile-like lyrics…Did he write those songs in junior high?) I can’t get past the person he is to be able to allow myself to enjoy the music.

When MM put out the album “Mechanical Animals” he was asked about the title. He said that as he looked around, he saw people as just that.

Ironically, Ted Nugent fans fall into the category of “Mechanical Animal.”



11 Comments on “Nugent vs. Manson”

  1. Your mom is a year from being.. whaaattt? Marilyn Manson is no spring chicken either.

  2. I love that Johnny Depp and Manson did a song together as well 🙂 New appreciation for Manson after reading this, although when I saw him in November he didn’t have the stage presence that I was expecting. I still like his music though.

    • Rachel Killer says:

      You need to check him out live again. You may regret not going. He’s been sounding the best he has in years! I went to two shows in 2012 and 1 in 2013. Manson blew the fuck out of the stage in 2013. So much better than 2012!

  3. Oh thanks for the input, I didn’t know that! I’ll have to check that song out! And thank you 🙂 Yeah I have heard his concerts are a little different than they used to be. I also heard he collapsed on stage recently so I hope he’s healthy and okay!!! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  4. Tony says:

    Manson is rockstar, Ted is an arrogant redneck. Artist vs conservative extremist.

    • I agree, and it’s sad because despite Nugent’s amazing guitar playing, his lyrics fall short of intellect. I would like to be able to listen to his music without disdain but he’s such a hateful person. Manson, on the other hand, has lyrics that I find genius and I think, “Gosh, why didn’t *I* think of that?” like “mOBSCENE” and it doesn’t hurt that he seems like a rather intelligent person. My mom even likes him because of how he comes off, just as a regular person, and she thinks that’s cool because he breaks the stereotypes. She doesn’t like the Nuge, though.

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