Crushin’ Hard

It’s Valentine’s Day. I’m happily single, but as I was up listening to some music I somehow started watching country on Youtube. I couldn’t resist when I saw this one; Dwight Yoakam on stage in his prime in that adorable sequined outfit! So, having nothing better to do this early in the morning on Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d reminisce about some of my celeb crushes in no particular order but I am saving my #1 for last. And since I already mentioned him, let’s start with Dwight.

Dwight Yoakam just had this major appeal. Just that certain something. He really knows how to make a country girl swoon. Or a goth girl, in my case.

Fabio. He makes my heart melt like “I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter” on a hot summer day. (Um, sorry for the cliche simile-upon-simile. Southern much?)

Milli Vanilli. Rob and Fab were insanely gorgeous, but Rob had the most gorgeous eyes!

Johnny Depp. Need I say more?

Robert Smith. I think it was all in the eyeliner.

Kevin Corrigan. I loved the mystique he exuded as Uncle Eddy.

Prince William. When I was younger I posted every little newsclipping with his picture to my wall.

Marilyn Manson. The chrome grill in his Tainted Love video did it for me, not to mention his mis-matched eyes and the makeup.

Steve from Blue’s Clues. I took a lot of ribbing over that one and started a Blue’s Clues collection out of nostalgia. Turns out a lot of the BC merchandise is actually worth a little money! Now I’m into DJ Lance. I don’t know whether to give you bonus points or demerits if you know who that is.

John Leguizamo. The man has something about him that I can’t quite place…that je ne sais quoi.

The boy that worked at my local grocery store: He was too old for me then.

Kevin Costner. When I saw him in Robin Hood I fell in love! Never saw The Bodyguard because I didn’t like sappy movies even back then, and I still haven’t seen it. Maybe one day I’ll finally get around to it.

Dion. In his prime, he was too cute for words!

Jesse Bradford. I begged my mom to take me to see that Yellow Dog movie. I don’t think she really knew I’d outgrown animal movies and was more into boys at that time.

Bon Jovi. That smile!

Leo. I wasn’t into him when he was big, but he has this immense talent and

James Dean. He was adorable with that coy little smile but it always looked like he was up to something.

Robin Wilson of The Ginblossoms.

Prince. He has that swag where he thinks he’s gorgeous so it doesn’t matter what you think. In fact I think he brainwashed a vast majority of people into seeing himself as others see him. As he says in his STYLE lyrics, “Style is lovin’ yourself ’til everyone else does, too.”

John Cena. He looks so much like Marky Mark.

And here is my Number One, as if you didn’t know: Marky Mark. I saw The Happening and got the cassette for maybe .49 cents at Goodwill right around the same time. I had to listen to it a couple of times before I liked it and somehow I fell in love, but I don’t know if it was his music or his demeanor in the movie that captivated me. I never refer to him as Mark Wahlberg, much to the chagrin of my hipper friends. And I’m sad to hear that there will be no Funky Bunch reunion. I missed a chance to see The Fighter because as much as I had talked about it, my then-boyfriend opted to take his friend instead and when I expressed some hurt emotion, he said he thought I was joking! Joke about Marky? Never!

The fact he had left me at his grandma’s house and had taken his friend to see the movie sort of ended our relationship. Not to mention that he had taken his other girlfriend to see The Other Guys which I later found out about by my discovery of the ticket stubs.

So that’s my post for Valentine’s Day. Hope yours is a happy one! 😀


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