Shocking! Are You Being Paid What You Deserve?

I started thinking about how they say women make less than men doing the same exact jobs, and wanted to research a theory I came up with from a new perspective.

It seems that places of business that are largely geared toward female employees pay less than those geared toward male dominated employees. Now, while that is a a wage set dictated from company to company it’s a little disappointing. Let me first say that pay higher wages does not depend upon knowledge of the products being sold, and that comes from my experience of setting foot in such establishments in need of someone with a little info on the topic.

While there may be certain catalysts that could contribute to the average hourly wages paid, such as long-term employees, seasonal work, or whatever the case may be, it’s something that should be looked into.

I have to say that it was a bit of a shock, although I expected it. The difference in pay is not that great, but it’s enough to raise a few eyebrows. I think this idea goes back to the old-school where men were expected to bring home the dough and if a woman worked it was for extra spending cash to buy petty things for herself. Extra spending cash to throw around. At least, it seems to be the idea created by a male-dominated work arena. Maybe a remnant of the days when, if a woman worked, she was taking a job from a man.

There are a lot of single and married women who are supplementing the household income struggling to get by on their wages, so to see a seventy-plus-gap in pay rates from women to men respectively is a little unsettling to me. While it is up to each employer to set the pay rate, it’s still upsetting to know that when I go into a shop with women as the primary associates that they are not making the same amount of money as a man who may or may not be able to assist you when you walk into their store to ask a question. I’m seeking out work so it is something that could affect me and while I hope it doesn’t and that the numbers are based upon those variants rather than a true-to-life statistic. Personally, work is work and a job is a job, so anything will be fine by me, as long as I get hired. It seems there isn’t much one can do. Demand higher wages in places where 99% of the workers are women? Sure, there could be a strike, but at the same time, people would be losing out on much-needed cash! It’s a brick wall because what can really be done? But a seventy-cent difference? For similiar work, different establishment? That’s a lot.

I also learned that it is harder for women to seek representation in the field of writing. I’d like to think I can get by on the merit of my work, so to find otherwise is a little disheartening.

I’m considering changing my name to Joseph Corvis to snag a job and an agent.





One Comment on “Shocking! Are You Being Paid What You Deserve?”

  1. Or you could go by your initials … “J.X. Corvis”… but… nah, that’s not fair.

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