Todd the Thanksgiving Turkey NOT FOR CHILDREN! (written @ the age of 15)

I’ve decided to keep these stories as they were written, mistakes and all! What I wanted to do was write a book for adults that was written in the style of children’s books, and I have a whole bunch more! I’m not going to post them all at once, because I’m sure everyone will need a little breathing room from me. 🙂

Todd the Thanksgiving Turkey

Once upon a time there was a turkey named Todd. He was a happy turkey, and he loved to squawk and run about the farm. One day, Mr. Farmer started gathering lots and lots of food from his gardens and fields. He was getting ready for Thanksgiving.

“I wonder what Thanksgiving is,” wondered Todd. So he set out to ask the other farm animals.

“What is Thanksgiving, Ms. Dairy Cow?” asked Todd.

Ms. Dairy Cow felt sorry for Todd, because she knew that Todd was going to be sacrificed for the Thanksgiving meal, but Ms. Dairy Cow was only used for milk, and always would be. So she replied sweetly, “Well, Todd, it’s a joyous thing. The whole family gathers around the table, has a large feast, and celibrates (((I learned how to spell that in 3rd grade, no excuse for the error!!!))) what they are most thankful for, like being with their families and having such a nice meal.”

“Well,” says Todd, “I think that sounds like a good idea! Do you think Mr. Farmer would let me celibrate with them?” (((Made that error AGAIN!)))

Ms. Dairy Cow did not know what to say so she said, “Oh, turkeys are the most important part of Thanksgiving.”

Todd went to bed smiling that night, as usual, but was feeling even more blissful than ever. That morning when he woke up, he noticed Mr. Farmer wandering around with an axe in his hand, and Todd wondered what the axe was for. He went up to Mr. Farmer to ask about the axe and Mr. Farmer exclaimed with such excitement, “I’ve been looking all over for you! Now our Thanksgiving Dinner will be complete!”

And it was all over for poor Todd with one swing of the axe. Mr. Farmer and his family had a lovely meal that night.

“It won’t be the same without Todd around the farm,” thought Ms. Dairy Cow.

The End


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