Is that Rhianna or Blanche Devereaux? (PICTURES!)

I was watching the Rude Boy video by Rhianna and noticed a striking resemblence between her and Rue McClanahan (Blanche Devereaux for those of you who are out of the DoubleG loop). There are particular similarities between the two at the 40 second and 50 second marks. Here are some photos. Let’s compare and see if you can tell who is whom with a game I made up called “Is It RhiRhi or Rue?”

Rhianna           ruemcclanahan

See what I mean?

Rihanna or Blanche      Rihanna Rue

Now to be honest, I’ve forgotten who is who in these two. However, I’m assuming the black-and-white photograph is Rue, since she was around in the days of black-and-white photography. Then again, those funky colours are so totally 80s that Rue could be the one on the right! It looks an awful lot like her, so I’m going with the one on the right.

sexyruemcclanahan          Rue or RhiRhi

I think the answer is obvious here. The one on the left has got to be Rhianna because that sexy outfit and her unmistakable body just gives it away. And the one on the right in the sexy-cute sweater has got to be Rue.

Classy     TCDGOGI EC015

Although there is a marked difference in age when these two pictures were taken, I think we can pretty much see Rhianna’s future. She’s still going to be sexy at Blanche’s age in the photo on the right. And her age there is…forty. 😉

Hope you enjoyed playing the game!


3 Comments on “Is that Rhianna or Blanche Devereaux? (PICTURES!)”

  1. You crack me up! I do not think they look alike.. but I DO think they pluck their eyebrows the same way, especially in the first pair of photos.

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