InSoMnIa HeLL!!! (Beat style)

If you don’t get beat poetry you won’t get this. Either way, it’s just a vague mashup of thoughts that I think gives an idea as to what it’s like to be an insomniac.
Ode to the Beat…

InSoMnIa HeLL!!! (Beat style)

3:22 AM and nothing to do but think about the coulda-woulda-shoulda’s in a life that might have been, sipping on
Tea. Sweet.
Listening to the hum of the laptop that I’m sure is cause for such mind-grating unrest
The mellow melody of Gin Blossoms silenced for the moment
Tea still flowing in smooth cool waves to sate my caffeine addiction.

3:29 AM, up late, writing, checking my Facebook page.
Share. Like. Share. Comment. Share.

3:30 AM. In my Angry Birds sleepwear top
In a mental war with Miss Questions-A-Lot
Sometimes the dumbest questions are those with the most obvious answer. What am I doing with this ladder? she asked. I thought the answer was clear. I’m going to change the world!!! Or maybe a lightbulb.

3:32. Still AM. AND I AM STILL AWAKE. How the time has passed with nothing to show for time.
I can taste the bitter on my tongue, craving the burn like Pad Thai, extra spicy.

Sleep is a fickle thing. It is always a love affair that is too short-lived. If only the mind had an off-button.
Or sleep mode.

3:42. AM. Still. Still not in bed since I still had some tea left. One more swig in my cup, then I’ll be off in the neverending battle to capture sleep.