Joslyn Corvis’ Ultimate Bedroom Trick (And it’s not just for the bedroom! Try it now for ULTIMATE pleasure!)

Move ovah Cosmopolitan, I got a tip that will have people begging to get into bed with you! It’s simple, fairly quick, and works wonders every time. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve ultimate bedroom bliss!

First, start the washing machine. Add just a little bit of laundry soap, enough to make some bubbles but not where it’s super sudsy. I have soft water so I use maybe 1/3rd or 1/4th a cap of detergent, then add just a little tiny bit more after that dissolves into bubbles. Part of the trick is dissolving the soap thoroughly. Then add about a cup of white vinegar. I tend to get vinegar-happy so I never know exactly how much I add. Then take your sheets and note the feel of the material before popping them into the wash (this is important!!!) And then put your sheets in and wash like normal. I rarely use fabric softener, be it liquid or sheet-form, and I’ll explain why later.

Now, when it’s time to dry the sheets, pop them in the drying machine and repeat the same soap-to-vinegar ratio. And put in your favourite night clothes. I have several, but some of my favourites are plain white tee shirts, Hello Kitty booties and slippers, and some fluffy Hello Kitty pants. One even has feet sewn in, but I digress.

Okay, so now your sheets should be nice and dry (I’m assuming there’s a time lapse as you’re reading this) so take them out and note the feel. Much softer than before, huh? Same with the clothes! And don’t get me started on towels! They go from scratchy to soft and fluffy, just like new!

Oh, and I also have to put a disclaimer here so now is as good a time as any. Vinegar can have some effects on colours, although I haven’t noticed personally but if you try this, test it out before using it on your good clothes and bedding and towels. Also, experiment with it so you’re not overwhelming your laundry with the scent (or stench) of vinegar. Now that that’s out of the way, here’s why this method makes everything all fluffly and soft.

Soap leaves residue. So does any kind of fabric softener. They have chemicals that bind the fibres of the material, and they make it scratchy because it doesn’t wash away completely. Especially after repeated washing and drying. It just kinda builds up, like hair product on an 80s pop songstress. The vinegar enhances the soap by making your laundry cleaner, and washing the soap away completely. And it makes it all nice and soft. It’s a sort of counteracting agent, I guess you could say.

After using vinegar in my laundry for a while now, I didn’t notice much difference because I didn’t have much to compare. Until I ran out of vinegar and kept forgetting to get more, which forced me to use detergent alone for an extended period of time, and I also had to use a little more than the 1/3-1/4th capful to feel like it would get clean enough. So I got another giant jug of vinegar. And I washed everything with it. And I realised it does make a difference, because everything is so super soft again! Especially my favourite plain white tee shirt. And it worked wonders on my sheets, too, and my Sherpa blanket, so I thought I’d share this amazing bedroom secret with my blog readers, which usually seems to be someone coming across my blog by sheer accident.