Sweet Valley Goths: The Dirty Gothic Underworld of Sweet Valley High (FanFic)

This is in no way meant to infringe upon the SVH series.

Joslyn kicked a chair from under the cafeteria table with her Dr. Marten boot, set her tray down, and swung around, sliding fluidly into the chair. She was angry. Angry at the world and at all of the smiling faces in the cafeteria. She knew better. She knew all about the drama that went on with the Wakefield twins and all their friends.

Sam Woodruff was dead, and Joslyn wanted to see Elizabeth get life in prison for killing him. As far as she was concerned, Elizabeth was a murderer and should pay for what she had done. And Jessica, well she was a whole ‘nother story. She’d spiked the punch that caused her twin sister to crash the jeep, and she was equally as guilty, but Joslyn couldn’t have cared less about Jessica. Elizabeth was the threat.

Joslyn had been seeing a secret lover at Sweet Valley High. It was a taboo kind of love, the kind that doesn’t exist in the perfect world that those who lived in Sweet Valley wanted the outsiders to believe. If those books hadn’t come out, no one would have known about the horrors that lay beneath the perfect picket-fenced facade of the city, but the goth kids were never once talked about in the sacred SVH texts. . Joslyn looked for her laptop in her backpack, but realised this was another place, another time. Laptops still hadn’t been invented yet. She would have turned on some Justin Bieber on her phone, if she had one, but just as well since JB had yet to be born.

She sighed heavily, remembering the love she felt for her forbidden fruit. Todd, her mind echoed as her best friend Lynelle popped up behind her and covered her eyes.

“Guuuess who!” she said, but Joslyn was in no mood. Lynelle tried so hard to get her out of this funk, but with Todd being preoccupied with Elizabeth going to jail, she felt invisible to him.

Lynelle sat down next to her and curled an arm around her. “I know it’s hard, Jo. But you gotta get past this Todd thing. He ain’t even all dat fine, anyway!”

“I can’t tell you where I’m going, but I want you to know I’ll be around. But I have to do this for myself. I have to do this if I want to make a name for myself here in Sweet Valley. It’s going to take a little while, maybe four or five books down the line, but I need your blessing.”

“Jo, you have my blessing. You’re my best friend and I love you, but you know that already. Whatever it is that you need to do, you have my support. One-hundred percent.”

Joslyn looked at her friend and smiled, tears nearly welling in her eyes. “Thank you for understanding.”

Sometime later…sometime during the Margo-Evil-Twin book…

Joslyn saw her chance. She knew that crazy bitch Margo had come to Sweet Valley and was going to try to take the place of a Wakefield twin. Uh-uh, not on Joslyn’s watch. Joslyn thought of this a long time ago and wasn’t about to have someone come in and take over her own plan. Joslyn had undergone surgery to make herself thin, and had some work done in the vein of experimental surgeries that would make her hair blonde forever so that roots wouldn’t show, and another procedure to turn her eyes into that same clear ocean blue colour that the narrator always talks about in the SVH books when describing the Wakefield twins. As unbelievable as that may sound, it’s fiction so don’t overthink it. Joslyn didn’t when she signed the medical human-guinea-pig waivers.

Skipping the boring part to make this story shorter, Joslyn somehow took Elizabeth down to her basement.

“I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse,” said Joslyn. “Either you hightail it to my hometown, or I’ll everyone about you.”

“What about me?” Liz asked hesitantly.

Joslyn slapped her across the face with an open hand for no other reason than providing some dramatic action in this slow-paced fan-fic. “I’M ASKING THE QUESTIONS AROUND HERE! Besides. Margo is pretty cray-cray and I think I can handle her better than you can. And just…just come on, do it for me? Please? I’ve always wanted to be a Wakefield twin. Plus, where I’m from, technology is like, so super cool. We have phones that can tell you the temperature and what movie is playing!”

“Sure,” said Liz without giving any argument, since it would be easier to just comply. After all, Liz was used to being written to do whatever she was told, so who was she to go against the grain now?

Fast forward to somewhere around the end of The Evil Twin book…

Joslyn was now in Elizabeth’s place. Margo was dead. And the people of Sweet Valley temporarily breathed a sigh of relief, particularly Jessica and her sister, whom she thought was Elizabeth but was really Joslyn. Now that Joslyn was a big part of the Sweet Valley series, she longed for that underbelly that no one dared speak of. She had Todd all to herself, but she missed her friend Lynelle who had become invisible because of the way the series was written, but she knew she was there somehow. So one day, when the new Elizabeth was supposed to be sleeping, she snuck out and told Lynelle what had happened and of her true identity. A few days later, Lynelle came back with a new identity: Enid Rollins.