WATCHED! a short story by Joslyn Corvis

“Typed” on my iPod, so please forgive errors on this story. A short horror story. WARNING: semi graphic horror and adult content. NOT FOR SQUEAMISH PEOPLE!!!

She came into the kitchen from the garage,… just as she always did at 5:38 pm on a Friday. She took a frozen dinner from the freezer, popped it in the microwave, then sat in front of the telly to watch her favorite shows. After cleaning up, she jumped in the shower at 8 pm, where she sensuously lathered her voluptuous form.

Every day was the same, except for Thursdays when she’d come home with her arms full of groceries and weekends when she lazed about the living room as her insomnia medication caught up with her.

She arose from the shower wearing a towel, and since it was Friday, she took an extra dose of her sleep aid. Still in her towel which had partially come off as she fell to her bed, abandoning any sense of grace and revealing just enough skin to tease, she listened to the familiar pops and creaks that echoed through the house. Then came a very steady sound: creeeaaaaak, thump. creeeaaaaak, thump. She felt as if she were being watched for a fleeting moment, but the medication made it impossible for her to open her eyes.

He knew that, just as well as he knew her every move. She was so predictable, which made it far too easy for him to remain hidden as he watched her. He had studied her for a good while now, enough to know the smallest details about her. How she applied her makeup in the morning before work. How she kicked off her shoes when she sat down to dinner. The way she held her fork. The pattern she traced along her body with her sponge as she lathered up in the shower; that was his favourite part of the day, when he remained concealed in the ceiling just above the shower stall, watching through a hole that he’d cut out which she believed to be nothing more than a spot that needed a patch job.

As the sounds merged into a dreamlike fog that she would forget by morning, she fell into a deep sleep as he watched from the cozy little rocking chair. He froze as he saw her eyes flutter open, a look of panic on her face as well as his own, only hers lasted for just a split second as she thought she saw someone sitting in the chair across from her while his lingered longer as he looked around for something to use as a weapon to protect himself from discovery; he could have no witnesses to this hobby, this guilty little pleasure of his. Lucky for him, she’d forget by morning and he had faith in that. So predictable. And just like that she was sound asleep.

Relieved, he stopped searching the darkness for a weapon and started to breathe again. He felt safe again, but only because he didn’t know that she and her doctor had decided to slowly decrease the dosage of her sleep medication starting Monday so she wouldn’t sleep so hard that she couldn’t wake up. The hope was that she’d no longer need them.

He smiled to himself as he sat back comfortably in the chair and resumed rocking.

Creeeaaaaak, thump. Creeeaaaaak, thump.