Goddess of Hex, Blood, & RockNRoll: Venus DeVilo Does Christmas 

Everyone’s favorite little ghouligan, the silver-tongued devil Venus DeVilo, is just in time to give us goth and alternative folks just what we wanted for the holidays: a black Christmas with her digital holiday album, comic book, and Killendar 2016, Slashing Through the Snow.
With a voice more haunting than a banshee, Ms. DeVilo exudes a holiday spirit that the Ghosts of Christmas only wish they had.


Venus’ delightfully spine-tingling tune, Santa Slay, is enough to keep the little ones awake on Christmas Eve, waiting for the not-so-jolly man. The Night Before Christmassacre creates a beautifully sinister atmosphere which makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, as if I’m exchanging gifts with Sir Christopher Lee himself in Dracula’s castle (may they both rest in peace.) And let us not forget the smooth gloomy sound of Mistletoetag, with its sing-songy melody, reminiscent of darkly styled iambic pentameter.

With her creepy characters, the 2016 “Killendar,” and beautiful voice with coupled with a musical backdrop so akin to the season of Samhain (credited to Venus herself and sound engineer Darren Tormey), Slashing Through the Snow makes a great gift to yourself, or for your friends. Also, it makes a perfect gift for your homies in Facebookland who live in faraway places. I can’t think of a better way to say “Scary Christmas” than that!

If you’re digging this, check out other Venus DeVilo merch here.

And if you wanna give her a shoutout, she’s on Facebook at htts:/www.facebook.com/VenusDeViloTheVoiceOfHorror

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