Pussy Control: The Feminists Anthem O(+>

Pussy Control contains an important message for females of all ages, but is often overlooked due to what is considered to be “graphic language.” However, the battle cry of womanhood is personified by taking a word sometimes meant to be used as offensive or degrading and given power through our heroine, the One and Only Pussy Control. 

Pussy was bullied in school, but sought her revenge with visions of success. She was determined to make something of herself. She could have easily let it get to her or undermine her value, but no; Pussy decided she was going to be something bigger than all of them put together. She rose up, got herself educated, exerted an iron rule by “hiring the heifers that jumped her and made every one of them work for free” (Prince, 1995). This is the power of Pussy. And she didn’t stop there. 

Pussy was well aware that there were good men in this world, only she chose not to trifle with any man until they proved herself to her, but not until she “had bank in her pockets” (Prince, 1995). And in those cases when she did entertain the attention of a man, it was because she chose to, and not because they told her glittering lies and false promises of things she could provide for herself. She did not want for the material, money, or even love, as she had it all through her own power, and because of that, she knew she could never be owned.

Pussy Control is a lyrical story of inspiration for all women, whether we are enduring the senseless bullying of grade school torture, in the stages of early adulthood figuring out what to do with our lives, or gaining our own ground in our early thirties after being in a controlling relationship. It is a song for the ages, and one not to be ignored considering the ever-present reminders that women have yet to come out on top in society, but we can take “control” of our own lives. 

Prince. “Pussy Control.” The Gold Experience, Warner Bros, 1995.