Mirrors Are Evil…an interstitial

I’m supposed to be cleaning but in between time I’ve been on Facebook chatting with my niece and catching up with a few friends. I’ve actually made a lot of progress so everything is looking better AND I was able to catch up with everyone. Anyway, when I got back to cleaning I found a makeup bag that I hadn’t thrown away because I was planning to clean it up. It has some sentimental value to me because of whom it’s from, but I broke a mirror inside and was worried the tiny little shards would scatter and I definitely don’t want my budgie to eat it. She can pick out things I can’t see, so I have to be careful. Right now she is relaxing and I hope that I’ll be able to take her outside in a bit to give her a bath. So I really shouldn’t be procrastinating but I’m going to keep it short.

Besides all of that, I really don’t want to clutter my blog with a bunch of nonsense because there’s some really excitingly awesome stuff going on pretty soon and I don’t want people to lose interest before I get that rollin’.

So anyway I’m cleaning and I ran across this broken mirror in the makeup bag. Then I thought, Oh, great…seven years… And then just a minute ago I thought, I must be breaking mirrors at least every 3-5 years, so when’s the bad luck going to stop? But this ties in with a conversation I had with a friend not long ago, and something that I thought would make an interesting topic.

She has a rectangular mirror leaning against the wall that she turns around before bed. It makes her feel unsettled when the mirror is showing. Well, I kinda-sorta have that same thing with mirrors because I know of the legends, but she doesn’t keep up with anything ghostly or supernatural. Anyway, as far as the legends go there are just too many to list! Some say mirrors are good, some say they’re bad, but one idea that I really like comes from old African-American beliefs. If you hang a mirror on, say a tree or something outside, it reflects evil and protects your home. But then…

Then I hear all this “mirrors are portals to other realms” talk and there’s a ritual you can do at midnight (and I heard it on Coast to Coast AM so you know it’s got to be true! lol) and then you can see all the entities coming out of the mirror! And then I start thinking about The Ring. That movie was SO lame, but when you’re thinking about a little girl crawling out of your mirror at night while you sleep Ring-style, it’s scary! I gotta say, mirrors are one of the only things that freak me out. Well, porcelain dolls, too. It’s a well-known fact that porcelain is an easy vessel for spirits and other things to inhabit.

As anti-climactic as this entry has been, I hope to research the whole mirror thing and maybe ask around to see if anyone has had experiences or used mirrors in séances, or how they feel about mirrors in general.

Oh! And if you decide to look up the supernatural ties to mirrors for yourself, there’s a chance the whole Bloody Mary thing might pop up. Don’t try it. I speak from experience. Nothing good will come of it. And if something is living in your mirror…where does it go from there?

Well I am off! I have a budgie to bathe.