Interview with Shawn C. Phillips: Horror Icon of The New Generation

Every generation has a symbol that defines horror. Someone who represents our demographic. Someone we find we can relate to in some way. Someone with adoring fans all across the map. Someone that just leaves an imprint on the genre.

That someone in the new generation of horror is Shawn C. Phillips. I began watching him on youtube ever since I stumbled upon his channel a few years back. I was impressed by his movie knowledge and by how genuine he comes off on video; the camera does not lie! And don’t forget to LIKE his Facebook fan page!

You can also check out his youtube channel, where you can also find his other links, such as his IMDB page and Twitter:

Without further delay, here is my interview with SHAWN C. PHILLIPS!

JC: What drew you in to horror?

SCP: Have always loved horror films. Not sure what it was about them but ever since I can remember when I used to go rent videos and buy movies I would always go right to the horror section. Just have so much fun watching horror.

JC: I love your “Collection” and “Review” videos on youtube. I’m particularly fond of your 80’s horror movies since that’s what I grew up with. What’s the best decade for horror in your expert opinion?

SCP: I love 70s and 80’s horror. Hard to pick but I think I own more 80s horror. I think when it comes to my horror section of movies just about half are 70s and 80s horror.

JC: For me, the “crabwalk” in The Exorcist defines horror, even though I believe it was deleted from the original. And I gotta say the sleeping bag scene in one of the Friday the 13th movies was one of my favourites as well. What are some scenes that come to your mind when you think of classic horror at its finest?

SCP: I would say the ending to Sleep Away Camp is a horror moment I dont think I can ever forget. Same goes for the Tar man zombie for Return of the Living Dead, which is one of my all time favorite horror films.

JC: Some movies are just *bad*, but you know those movies that are so bad they’re good? What would you say falls into this category?

SCP: I find myself liking alot of films that most people dont. There are so many. One I always think of which I know has a following is Troll 2.

JC: Out of all the movie monsters, which one would be your absolute favourite?

SCP: That is a tough one. Really is hard to pick.

JC: If you could be any character in any movie remake, who…or what…would you be?

SCP: I always love to be the victim in horror films. It would be awesome to be killed by a character like Jason or Chucky in a horror remake.

JC: I’m sure that since you see the behind-the-scenes magic during your performances that very few roles would scare you, but as a viewer I always wonder how the actors are able to sleep at night! Are there any existing movies that you would have declined a part in because it would’ve been too disturbing?

SCP: Well on some films if you have a very crazy death scene and are screaming all day, it can be tough to sleep at night. I also try and make myself feel as upset and terrible as possible during a death scene so sometimes that can follow you a bit that night.

JC: What do you love most about acting?

SCP: It is such a fun time and getting to work on the kinda films that I watch is such a blast. I feel like with each movie I’m learning more and growing. I will admit looking back on some of my early films I really feel like I have learned a lot since then.

JC: Aside from acting, do you plan to write or direct in the future?

SCP: I have made a few shorts in the past. Some are in the Treasure Chest of Horror series. Part 1 of that series is on dvd now and part 2 and 3 are on the way.
But I will admit, I don’t love directing. Don’t have as much fun with it.

JC: What are some of the things you enjoy in your spare time?

SCP: Watching movies, Going dvd shopping, Going to the movies. As you can see I do love movies. Lol

JC: Do you have any plans for Halloween?

SCP: No major plans. I do plan to go to Son of Monsterpalooza which is a fun horror con in Burbank.

JC: As most of my friends can tell you, I’m really into zombies. Maybe to an annoyingly obsessive degree. Since you’re actually in horror movies, do you think you would be more prepared for an outbreak than the average person? What weapons and tactics would you use to survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

SCP: Sometimes for fun I think of places to hide if a zombie outbreak happened but I think if it somehow did happen I would be in trouble.

JC: Is there anything you would like your fans to know about you?

SCP: I would say that I owe it to them for helping me to find what I love doing.

I would like to thank Shawn C. Phillips for taking the time to do this interview.