P. A. Douglas – Release of ‘The Darkman’

Greetings, Horror Fans!

P. A. Douglas has a brand-spankin’-new book out called The Darkman. Available in print and on Kindle. Click here to get your copy:

You can also check out his website: http://www.indie-inside.com

The horror genre has become richer with the addition of Douglas’ books. P. A. Douglas is the author of Watchers, Rancid, and several other Must-Reads as well as his latest book, The Darkman! It’s sure to be a hit with P. A. Douglas fans, as well as lovers of the horror genre.

There is something to be said of a writer that can make you feel pity, fear, hate, love, and anything in between toward his characters, and make you experience the action from a storytelling P.O.V. as if it had actually happened. As if it actually could happen. That’s what makes this author stand out the rest. And that’s why I’m really excited about P. A.’s online book tour to promote The Darkman! Seven days only, don’t miss it!

(Link will be available as an archive after October 8th, 2012, but until then, don’t miss out on what’s to come! Join, participate, and be part of the action!)

Wanna know more about The Darkman? Read the summary below.

“The human mind holds within its infinite reaches many of the greatest mysteries in the universe. Some are vast and wondrous, while others are chilling and nightmarish. Some mysteries are better left hidden in the dark corners of our minds, never breaking free of our subconscious. Six high school students set out to explore these depths by sharing a mind altering substance on a night meant to be filled with both wild hallucinations and crazy antics. But the fun and games come to a shuddering halt when a strange man appears. This isn’t just any stranger. He is the Dark Man. Haunter of dreams and purveyor of nightmares. Dressed in a black suit and top hat, his pale skin and twisted grin promise a very deranged night of entertainment.”

5 Rancid Questions with P. A. Douglas

Writers are my rock stars. They are my athletes. They make my whole little universe swirl with excitement and the anticipation of reading the latest masterpieces they put out and whenever I get word that they’re working on a new project my heart skips a beat. And since reading is a favourite hobby of mine, I seek out authors that I know will not disappoint. So, as a reader, it’s vital to my existance to find an author that I can really get into. And they are few and far between.
P. A. Douglas is one of those few. After reading Watchers (Paperback) and Rancid (Paperback) I’m now a die-hard fan! I’m really excited about Hitchers (Paperback) and I’m lovin’ the concept of this one and can’t wait to read it! While they’re available for Kindle, I personally prefer paperbacks to e-books so I’m saving back enough money to buy it as we speak! Now that I’ve derailed from my topic, let me get back on track.
I was able to get five questions answered pertaining to Rancid from P. A. Douglas himself! How awesome is that?!?!? You can also check out my interview with P. A. Douglas about Watchers right here.


JC:  I love how Rancid has a style reminiscent of some of the 80s zombies movies without being a copy. In the last interview you said that you’re an “80s Baby”, so was the 80s vibe of this book something that just happened, or were you intentionally going for that style?

P. A.: I intentionally go for that style, because that’s the style I like. However, I tried to mix in a little bit of a new-age twist just to keep things fresh. Well, as fresh as a rotting corpse can get.

JC: I’ve heard that it can be difficult for writers to come up with ways to get rid of cell phones, particularly in horror. Since you had a group of characters, was it difficult to nix cell phones from the picture?

P. A.: Honestly, I am going to go with a ‘NO’. Some authors forget all about that aspect of the story. When I write, I try to think of what I would do in the situation. I wouldn’t run up the stairs to get away. No, I would run right out the front door and keep on running. So…if I am in a situation where I could really use a phone to get some help, then hell yea my characters would do the same. Getting rid of them can easily be done wrong. Just be subtle when and if you decided to do something like that. For example, you would run out the front door when the killer is in your house. If that happened the story would end prematurely. Just think it through. Give them a reason to turn around, or, an obstacle that keeps them from doing so.

JC: When it comes to zombie books or movies, I think all of us Z-buffs analyse what we would have done, or would have done differently than the characters. I think this was the first time that I’ve ever seen scenarios where the characters are pretty much stuck between a zombie and a hard place. And this was the first time that I’ve been at a loss as to how I would have gotten away unbitten! After reading some of those parts over and over, I humbly concluded that I would have been minced meat. You really gave a feeling of claustrophobic terror, and in a good way! With such originality, I have to ask where these concepts came from. Did you take a step back to ask yourself what you could do that hasn’t been done yet, or did the ideas just flow?

P. A.: Well, let’s be honest. Everything in the writing world has been done. It’s all been done in the movies, or in books and comics. Just because something isn’t original that doesn’t mean it can’t be unique. The human isn’t original, but every last thumb print is.

JC:  Every writer has a different motive. To tell a story, to recruit readers, maybe even hopes of acquiring fortune and fame. And some write because of a sheer love of writing. What is it that drives you?

P. A.: I enjoy watching things grow. I was a full time singer-songwriter for a long time, and became accustomed to watching the number of fans grow as my career developed. I don’t care for fame or money. I love being creative and watching the readership grow. I enjoy knowing others like what I have created. That is the same with music, books, art… all of that stuff.

JC: The debate over environmental care and Global Warming has become so conflicted. Personally, I think we can all do a little something to take care of our planet. From everyday litter cluttering our streets to the devastation of Chernobyl, it’s a real concern. Was this book at all meant to make people think about the environment and what we put into our bodies, or just a really damn good story?

P. A.: When I write, I write from my life. I was on tour, so I wrote a book about a band on tour (Epidemic of the Undead). I was done with tour, so I wrote about a guy dealing with not being on tour (Hitchers). I made a few new friends that work at different chemical plants, so I wrote about a plant explosion (Watchers). I hate fast food… so… well, you get the point. I’m a home cooked meal kind of guy!

Rancid review… a book by P. A. Douglas

If you’re a zombie lover, and I’m not just saying this, you absolutely have to read Rancid! Whether you’re a fan of Return of the Living Dead or the new fast-paced Dawn of the Dead (or both, as in my case…) you will love this one! Rancid really combines the best of both worlds and gives zombie-buffs everywhere a reason to read! Personally, I’m really excited about this book because it’s a fresh, terrifying, graphic gore-fest that sticks to the classics while integrating not only a little of the new zom-pop culture, but originality. Just like JAWS made people want to stay out of the water, Rancid will make you want to stay out of the cemetary…particularly during meteor showers!

Normally I go into a bit more detail in my reviews, but I can’t without giving away the shock and surprise of this book. It’s one of those “gotta see for yourself” type of things. So if you want to purchase a copy you can click the link below. You won’t be disappointed.


Interview! Watchers by P. A. Douglas

If you’ve read my review of P. A. Douglas’ book Watchers then you know how much I loved it. So I was really excited to do this interview with him so that I could get a little info into the creation of what has become one of my favourite books!

Please be sure to visit http://indie-inside.com/books to check out Watchers or to browse through his list of titles.

Now . . . Onto the interview!

JC-  Watchers arrived when I was in the midst of a cleaning frenzy and I was unable to sit down and read it, but I was just so excited I had to open it up and take a quick look. I knew from the very first line that this was going to be something I could really get into, and even though I hated to put it down, I set it aside and hurried through my chores. I wanted to be able to enjoy it so I could savour every word. But something about the first line really caught my attention. Was it in all of your drafts, or did you have to go through a lot of editing before you came up with it?
PA- I feel like the first line should be a hook line and sinker, ‘if’, the book is intended to be a fast paced read. Not all of my books are as fast as Watchers or Epidemic of the Undead. A lot of readers like the story a little slower, and with more character development. So I try to do a little bit of both. Watchers happened to be the former of the two.

JC-  As a zombie buff, I was excited to see a new breed that may just be even more terrifying than your run-of-the-mill variety. Where did you come up with such a wonderfully chilling concept?
PA- Simply, I didn’t intend for them to be zombies, at first. But I really liked the idea that it went beyond a bite. These zombies didn’t want to bite, no, they just need to touch you and you’re done. It was fun to write, so I just kept going with it.

JC-  Watchers has so many tones and atmospheric shifts throughout the book, and the transition is seamless. And interestingly enough, your voice never fades and seems to be laced with a lot of your own personality. How do you perceive your writing style if you had to label it, and what are some of your trademarks?
PA- I think my writing style would go along the lines of campy, splatterpunk, and grindhouse. I know that those genres in the horror world can be a bit much for the soft of heart… but come on, we’re talking horror. My trademarks and how I transfer myself into the writing is super subtle. I add myself into the main character every time. In Epidemic of the Undead I was on tour, so my characters were on tour. In Watchers, I was on the couch a lot, so Kyle was a couch potato. In Hitchers I had just ended tour, so my lead character had just had a band breakup. Most of my lead characters listen to the music I do, drink the drinks I do, watch the shows I watch, drive the cars I want to drive. That kind of thing. Readers want to be able to see themselves in the story. So, why would that be any different for the writer?

JC-  Speaking of your voice…Your books, song lyrics and vocals on The Cries Of albums are all equally amazing! I love your music and wear the shirts all the time! Are there any tours or new CDs in the works?
PA- I toured nationally, full time, for over 5 years. With this long break, and picking up writing, I think that time in my life has come to a close. I will definitely miss touring and the friends I made doing it. As far as music releases, I plan to release a full length next year and might do a small one-week tour release for it. Beyond that, I don’t see much happening with TCO. I am, however, trying to get a Hardcore band together. Stuff like Impending Doom, August Burns Red, The Chariot, old Norma Jean.

JC-  One thing, among many, that gave Watchers an air of reality were the allusions to pop culture. Jerry. Maury. The Incredible Hulk. Star Trek. The Fog. But were there any tributes to other things in pop culture in the book? Maybe something so subtle that only an avid fan might catch?
PA- Maybe something so subtle that only an avid fan might catch? Well, one of the characters worked at Best Buy, and like many of us today, was a techno junky. Beyond that, none that I can think of.

JC- How did you want your readers will react to this book? What emotions did you hope to incite?
PA- sick. I want for some of the gore to be a bit too much.

JC-  Whenever I read a horror story I try to figure out who’s going to make it out alive. I don’t want to give anything away, but since you’re a horror writer, we can assume that in at least one of your books, someone is going to get whacked. Do you ever get so attached to a character that you find it difficult to rub them out?
PA- Nope, the ones I get attached to the most are the ones that I want to kill off. That makes it more unexpected for the reader.

JC- Since this book was drawn from a short story, how difficult was it to turn it into a longer piece while maintaining the essence of its original appeal? Is there a place where we can find the original short?
PA- Not hard at all. I cut the last 200 words and kept on writing from there. There is no original for the short. I saved over it. (Lol)

JC- I noticed how Watchers has such a unique style that you could easily write in any genre, but what made you choose horror?
PA- It’s what I read. I read campy pulp fiction. So, that was what I wanted to write. If I was a reader of humor, I would write funny. If I was a reader of sci-fi, I would write sci-fi.

JC- When a story idea pops into your head, where does your inspiration come from?
PA- Sometimes I don’t have an idea. I just write. In Watchers you will notice that the first chapter is just character development. I wrote the entire thing before knowing where I wanted to go with the story. Other times I get ideas just from brain storming, or manipulating my own real life experiences.

JC- Your comedic timing is just perfect and sometimes so out of the blue that it just had me laughing nonstop, even pausing a moment to re-read those lines all over again! Do you have experience in comedy, or is it just a natural gift?
PA- I think it is honed in from years as a solo touring singer-songwriter. When it’s just me on the stage in front of 100 people, I have to keep their attention somehow. I found that laughter keeps them more engaged than anything else.

JC- What defines a great horror story, in my opinion, is when the author brings an element of reality to it. How are you able to bring this book from being just a mere story to something so true to life that it feels as if it could actually happen?
PA- Because, in the back of my mind I thought it could happen. I live close to a plant like the one in Watchers. It’s a frightening thought.

JC- Were there times during the course of writing Watchers that you felt uneasy, like something was out there? Maybe even lost a little sleep?
PA- No, I never freak out about my own stories and I generally never dream about them either. Now that you said that, I might. I dream about flying like super man most of the time. But not like peter pan. That swimming in the air crap looks like way too much work.

JC- Zombies are shambling their way into every aspect of pop culture these days. You can’t turn around without “bumping” into them whether it’s in movies, literature or merchandise. In your own words, what makes you stand above the competition?
PA- I wouldn’t say I am trying to stand above anyone. If I happen to stand out a little more because my idea was original, which doesn’t happen a lot these days, then great. If not, then I am okay with getting lost in the crowd, as long as I get heard regardless.

JC- If Watchers was going to grace the big screen as a motion picture, who would play the following characters: Kyle, Mr. Hardy, Sarah, Becca, Z, and Ben Love?
PA- Jack Black could be Kyle. Jay from Jay and Silent Bob could play as Z. Ben Love could be someone like Ben Aflac or however you spell it. The others, I have no idea.

JC- What is your own personal draw to the living dead?
PA- I’m an 80’s baby. Do I really need to say more? The 80’s were the true era of pulp horror films.

JC- If you were in the midst of the Zombie Apocalypse, would you have gone back to save Ted? (You have to read the book to see what happens!)
PA- No. I wouldn’t have. However, I have someone like him that means a lot to me, so I could see it happening.

JC- Are you one of those, like myself, who is on board with the theory (and in my case a twinge of hope!) that zombies will actually rise?
PA- As much as every Christian generation thinks they are the last, and that the rapture is going to happen in their lifetime, the same is true for the zombie apocalypse. I think it could happen, but don’t see it happening any time soon.

JC- If there was an outbreak, what kind of zombies would you rather contend with? The slow-moving Romero kind, or the ones of your own creation from Watchers?
PA- Romero of course. At least we’d have a chance then.

JC- What other projects are you currently working on?
PA- I just released a new novel about invisible monsters that ride on the backs of humans called, HITCHERS. You can check that out, along with my other works, here http://indie-inside.com/books

I also just finished the first draft to a book called, THE DARK MAN. I would tell you what it is about, but it’s too hard to explain. LOL.

Thanks for the interview. I had a lot of fun going through the questions with you. Glad you enjoyed Watchers.

And a very special thanks to P. A. Douglas for giving me the privilige of chatting with him about his book, Watchers.
Get your copy today!

Watchers by P.A. Douglas – A delightfully frightful zombie romp!

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Watchers is an excellent blend of gore, perfectly executed plot, likeable characters and laugh-out-loud humour. The zombies were not the Romero-esque style, but they were equally creepy if not moreso. And, as a zombie buff, I found P. A. Douglas’ brand of horror to be refreshingly original and stand-out in the mass wave of the undead genre. There was an obvious amount of time and thought put into this book, and he doesn’t merely follow the living dead trend, but makes it his own. His voice is one of few that shows us that not everything has been done already.

One thing that I feel is abosolutely necessary to a great plot is characters. There was not a single character that I didn’t like and their flaws made them endearing. I instantly fell in love, particularly with Mr. Hardy and Ben Love. Everyone had something unique to bring to the story. I was praying that they would all get out alive and unscathed, and even through the dramatic parts of the story, it’s so fast-paced that there’s no time to mourn (although I’m not going to say who makes it out alive and who doesn’t). The cast of players were painted with such detail and portrayed with all of the emotion and depicted with traits that make each of us out here in the real world human. Not only did that make the story enjoyable, but terrifying. Since the characters were so real, and because I can see people I know (including myself) in the characters, it was easy to envision myself in the book. Add to that a geographical location that mirrors Anytown, USA (even though it was set in a certain place), and you might find yourself anxiously scanning the horizon for the first sign that the Watchers are coming.

I was turning pages, squirming in my seat and yelling, “DON’T GO IN THERE! RUN!” There were even parts that had me laughing out loud! It was a combination of the unexpected coupled with comic timing and funny lines that provided a break in the tension.

This story was terrifying with some gore. And yes, I can actually say that I found it enjoyable and even delightful, something that is not often said about horror stories. For me, this book was about a group of people thrust into a horrific situation, whereas many horror writers focus on the horror first with the characters and plot feeling more like an afterthought of minor details. P. A. Douglas has conquered that by maintaining an even balance of plot, characters, and total gore!

I rarely read anything outside of the horror genre, but if P. A. Douglas had stripped away all of the scary parts, this book would still have captured my attention. That’s how much I loved it.

I started reading the other book I got by P. A. Douglas, and I can’t wait to see what surprises are held in RANCID.

Stay tuned for the RANCID review!