Kangaroo Terror

Written especially for a couple of young friends. ENJOY!


Kangaroo Terror


Mindy hated to read. “Reading is stupid!” she would say.

One day, Mindy’s best friend Lolo got a pet kangaroo. “I got a pet kangaroo,” said Lolo.

“Nice,” said Mindy.

On Tuesday, Mindy and Lolo were in class together. “Reading time!” sang the teacher. “I hate reading time,” said Mindy through clenched teeth.

Everyone sat at their desks and pulled out a book. Lolo had a book about taking care of a new kangaroo. Mindy had a book about a dog named Boppy. While Lolo read, Mindy stared at the pages. She didn’t have to read the book about Boppy. She knew it was a stupid book.

“Pssst!” said Lolo quietly so the teacher wouldn’t hear. “I’m going away for the weekend. I’m leaving Friday after school and won’t be home until Sunday night. Can you take care of my pet kangaroo?”

“Yes,” said Mindy. “The kangaroo and I will have so much fun!”

When Friday rolled around, Lolo showed up on Mindy’s doorstep with a sack of supplies and the kangaroo on a leash. “Here is everything the kangaroo will need until Sunday. Take good care of my kangaroo!”

“I will take good care of the kangaroo,” promised Mindy.

“Oh, and Mindy?” said Lolo. “Don’t forget to read this. It’s important.” Lolo took a folded up piece of paper out of her pocket and handed it to Mindy. Then she walked down the sidewalk, turning back only to say, “Bye Mindy! Bye Kangaroo! You be a good roo, now! I’ll be back on Sunday at six to take you home!”

Mindy looked at the paper. It was a care guide that Lolo had written up. “I don’t think I need this,” she said. She crumpled it up and tossed it to the floor.

“Hey, there, Kangaroo! Let’s play a game!” They played Tic-Tac-Toe. The kangaroo had a hard time writing.

“Okay, Kangaroo. How about we have a snack? Here is your food.” Mindy poured it into a bowl. Then she made herself a PB&J. The kangaroo grabbed Mindy’s sandwich. Mindy tried to spank him, but if she had read the care guide, she would have known that you’re not supposed to spank a kangaroo. They are expert boxers. Mindy went flying across the room and her shirt caught on the ceiling fan. Around and around she went.

When Mindy wriggled free from the fan, which was hard because she was very dizzy, she decided to watch a movie with the kangaroo. The movie was about ninjas. The kangaroo wanted to be a ninja, too. He bounced around the house, peering out behind corners and using his kangaroo-ninja-stealth and doing some really awesome ninja moves. That was a bad idea.

Mindy and the kangaroo had a great time, even though it was a bit messy.

It was Sunday. Five O’Clock. Not a lot of time left with the kangaroo. Mindy had a whole list of fun activities they hadn’t done yet. Painting each other’s nails. Playing dolls. Doing each other’s makeup. Swimming. Home haircuts. Bouncing on the trampoline. Baking cookies. But they only had an hour. That wasn’t a lot of time. “What would you like to do, Kangaroo?” Mindy asked. The kangaroo pointed to several things on the list. “Sounds like fun!” said Mindy.

One Hour and Seven Minutes Later . . .

“Sorry I’m seven minutes late,” Lolo yelled as she walked through the front door. “Mindy?” she called. “Kangaroo? Where are you guys?” There was no answer. Lolo was afraid. She frantically ran around the house, calling for Mindy and the Kangaroo. And that’s when she saw the horrific scene in Mindy’s bedroom.

Lolo ran to Mindy’s side. “Omigosh! Mindy! Are you okay?” Lolo screamed in a panic. All that Mindy could muster was a groan. And that’s when Lolo realized that Mindy had not read the care guide she had written. “Mindy! Why? Why didn’t you read the guide? This would have never happened if you’d only read the guide! It was number twelve on the list!”

“But reading . . . is stupid!” Mindy groaned, struggling for the words.

It was bad. Really bad. There was a pair of scissors on the floor. There was hair everywhere. The hair was Mindy’s. Her face was streaked with blue eyeshadow and pink blush. There was hot-pink lipstick covering Mindy’s face, the walls, the mirrors, and bits of it ground into the rug.

“It’s okay, Buddy! We’ll fix you up!” said Lolo, grabbing a makeup-removing pad.

The list said not to spank the kangaroo, not to let them watch ninja movies, and under no circumstance should you allow a kangaroo to cut your hair or do your makeup. The result always has terrible consequences. Taking the makeup off was the easy part, but for the rest of the school year, Mindy had to wear a baseball cap. And she still hated to read.